... welcome to audiozoloft ... can you hear the dialtone yet? Some things to listen to while you wait for the new meds to kick in ...

"audiozoloft" has now been listed as a netlabel in the Internet Archives!

A sampler of material I've been working on, here:

Recent Audio, CDs, and Performances

In the works for 2012: "iCreate", a collection of material created using solely applications in the Apple iOS ... utilizing iPhones, iPods, and iPads...stay tuned!

I've added (oh, someone save me from myself!) a blog: "No Imagination" for your annoyance or amusement you choose, you decide.

Plus, we're working on adding an order page for ordering special editions of "usr/sbin" music:


The page just went live for testing; we'll be adding PayPal and Google Checkout capability (plus inventory!) shortly.



... with a very special thanks to Mark Morford for showing the way ...


"audiozoloft.com" and "audiozoloft.org" are projects of Dennis Moser, designed for the release of other experimental music.